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Permanent Collection, 2012



Screenplay is conceived of as a ‘play’ on one’s visual perception.  This twenty-one foot long screen wall is constructed of forty-five thousand linear feet of rope strung through a series of lightweight steel frames.  The wall is designed with the intention of provoking a sense of curiosity by slowly revealing its form and complexity through physical and visual engagement with the work.  The wall is made from a repetitious steel framework with rope infill that varies over the length of the wall in three dimensions, forming a thickened undulating screen made up of dense line-work.   In its orthographic, or ‘straight on’ view, the wall forms a meticulously organized series of patterns easily recognized by the viewer.  As the viewer moves around the wall, its three-dimensional qualities reveal a more complex system of deep sectional cavities, twisting surfaces, and material densities.  The experience is meant to build on an ‘on again/off again’ system of pattern legibility, using optical effects as a means of provoking engagement in the work.

Project Credits:


Principal Architects:

Dwayne Oyler

Jenny Wu


Project Leaders:

Nick Aho, Chris Eskew, Matt Evans, Andy Hammer, Michael Ho,

Richard Lucero, Sanjay Sukie,

Yaohua Wang


Fabrication Team:

Jacob Aboudou, Casey Benito,

Paul Cambon, Julian Daly, Hung Diep, Jesus Guerrero, Clifford Ho, Duygun Inal,  Mina Jun, DaeHyun David Kim, Noorey Kim, Jacques Lesec,

Zachery Main, Tyler McMartin,

Richard Nam, Kevin Nguyen,

Manuel Oh, Carlos Rodriquez,

Bryant Suh, Kyle von Hasseln,

Liz von Hasseln, Jie Yang


Engineering:  Matt Melnyk, Nous Engineering 


Rope Supplier:  Norman Supply Company

Steel Supplier:  M & K Metals


Photography: Clifford Ho, Dwayne Oyler

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