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Residential Design, 2012



Inspired by the stunning beauty of the surrounding landscape, this house is interested in the creation of a fluid relationship between inside and out. The house weaves together two key geometric elements, simple rectilinear volumes and an undulating surface of perforated metal and cast concrete -forming a juxtaposition of modern elements with their surrounding natural environment. Together, the elements create a complementary and nuanced set of relationships that move from the entry of the house through to the pool area at the back of the house.


The entry to the house is marked by a curvilinear canopy that acts as a carport, which intersects the more simple volume of the house. Following the canopy surface into the house, a set of elegant, yet complex spaces are revealed. The spaces flow between levels, leading over a stair to the upper level, and past a skylight that brings natural light deep into the heart of the house. The undulating surface splits and extends into two of the most dramatic spaces in the house, creating a ceiling surface for the kitchen and living room, and twisting to vertical, as if to emulate a “curtain” at the rear of the house.


The upper level of the house includes a large master bedroom with spectacular views. The Master bedroom also has direct access, via a bridge, to a large roof deck located atop the living room.

Project Credits:


Principal Architects:

Dwayne Oyler

Jenny Wu


Design Team:

Sanjay Sukie


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