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Meditation Pods, 2016

Venice, CA


Designed for the creators of the Headspace app, these meditation spaces are designed with the intention of creating an immersive experience without being completely enclosed and isolated. We were interested in evoking cavernous, semi-enclosed environments with an organic interior texture that are, at the same time, modern on their exterior, and reflective of the technology that is being used in its production. The juxtaposition of the pure rectangular volume is meant to promote a sense of curiosity about what it is, and the unique, plywood interior is meant to be inviting and engaging to the users of the space.


The ergonomic strategy was designed in close collaboration with Headspace, with the intention of balancing ergonomic comfort and a calm sense of focus. The Headspace pods will soon be popping up in a public space near you...


Project Credits:


Principal Architects:

Dwayne Oyler

Jenny Wu


Project Leaders:

Harrison Steinbuch


Design Team:

Sanjay Sukie

Lung Chi Chang

Albert Chavez

Tony Morey

Kevin Murray


Fabrication Team:

Hans Koesters

Jesus Abril

Zack Matthews

Po Yao Shih

Jui Hong Weng



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